For the Love of Nature

We have been getting so much rain this summer! It’s been a little hard for some of the annuals, the veggies are growing a bit slow, but they’re hanging in there. The perennials are doing well and the medicine gardens are full and beautiful!

Below are pictures of Arnica chamissionis a species of Arnica that grows very well in our area. Arnica is an amazing topical for strains, sprains, bruises and other soft tissue soreness. You don’t want to put it on an open wound or take it internally as an herb (same as Arnica Montana) however the flower essence is a wonderful option that way.

The Saint John’s Wort – Hypericum perforatum, is just starting to open up ! In many areas it is traditionally picked at summer solstice, but in Duluth “midsummer” is usually more mid July than mid June! St. John’s Wort is an amazing blood cleanser and wound healer, specific to the cardiovascular and nervous system. It has pain relieving, anti microbial properties. It is a specific for areas of the body that are profuse with nerve endings. It is a specific for puncture wounds- and the plant tells us that by the signature tiny pin holes that are in the leaves. You can see them if you hold the leaf up to the light.

Plantain came to my rescue last week when a wasp flew into the eve of the house and bounced back, and landed inside the back of my shirt! It only stung me hard once, thankfully. Luckily we have plantain tincture and got that on there right away as I was chewing up the fresh leave to put it on and pull the rest of the sting out. Didn’t even notice it after about 5 minutes!

We had a wonderful experience at Balsam Moon Preserve
Its always great when we can get together with dear family and friends.
May you be having wonderful experiences wherever your summer days take you!
last weekend where I lead a foraging group. We stayed in a rustic cordwood cabin, got to know some great new friends, learned about herbs, gathered and made a meal together. The students had a great time and felt inspired to keep learning about the herbs around them!

Our dinner- some of the foraged greens included, dandelions, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, lamb’s quarters, anise hyssop, dill, violet leaves, bladder campion leaves. The biscuits were made using acorn flour, that Barb from Balsam Moon had made last fall. I brought the pickled ramps. We had Elderflower/berry and Rosehip Oxymel vinaigrette dressing. The wild rice was gifted from a friend. We made a decoction out of dried turkey tail and shiitake mushrooms, from last season’s harvesting and then cooked the rice in it, with some of the ramps, fresh oregano from the garden and some other seasoning. One of the best parts of the meal was the sautéed day lily roots and unopened flower buds- They went fast! Everything was sooo good and it was so hopeful to watch the group of strangers come together and work collectively to make their meal and have such fun doing it!

Its always great when we can get together with dear family and friends.
May you be having wonderful experiences wherever your summer days take you!

Summer Snapshot 2024

Spring foraging and gardening season is quickly moving into the summer busy season! What did you plant in your gardens this year? I have beans, peas, squash, tomatoes and sunflowers planted so far… lots left to go!

We had an abundance of wild ramps or leeks (Allium tricoccum) for fresh eating this spring. and I managed to get a couple of jars pickled for later this season!
In the same family as onions and garlic ,this plant grows in thick colonies in predominantly hardwood forests that have rich moist soil. These types of woods are generally quite shady in the summer. The leeks are what we call a spring ephemeral- they are done growing and have died back before the trees have their full leaf canopy.

Because they grow in a colony you need to be careful when you are harvesting them. You never want to take out an entire patch. If you are in a place where they are growing well this is not generally an issue. As you are digging you will notice that the root systems are intertwined and separating a portion of a patch takes some careful attention so you don’t damage the ones you intend to leave in the ground.

Many people choose to just harvest the edible leaves and keep the bulbs in the ground.

They have a taste that is both onion and garlic at the same time. Stronger than an onion in flavor, you can use them as you would either of these in all your recipes. I like to freeze some leaves to add to winter soups, etc…Easy to gather and store for winter, by chopping small and dehydrating. Many people also can them. Some like to can them with other wild spring foods such as ostrich fiddleheads and wood nettles, which makes a nutritious flavorful base for any winter cooking.

As a member of the Allium family the constituents are similar as well. Eating leeks gives you many vitamins and minerals to support your nutrition; vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B6, copper, iron, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, omega-3 fats. Leeks contain many sulfur compounds that are either similar to, or identical with sulfur compounds in these better-researched vegetables. The sulfur found in leeks, and other members of the allium family, play an important role in support of our body’s antioxidant and detox systems as well as the formation of our connective tissue.

Dandelions gathered while weeding out the vegetable beds. A good start….!

Dandelion is packed full of nutrients. It is high in vitamins D, C ,B’s, and A, calcium, potassium, magnesium, lecithin, protein, iron, sugar, and calcium, phosphorus, manganese, sulphur, aluminum, chromium, cobalt, niacin, riboflavin, sodium, tin, zinc, and ascorbic acid. Eat the greens fresh or steamed. The roots can be eaten fresh, sautéed, dried, roasted, made into tea, and so many other ways! The bright yellow flowers ( minus the green part) are sweet and colorful additions to your salads and sprinkled on top of other dishes.

April Healing Touch Practice Group and News

Healing Touch Practice Group

April 20th 5 to 730 PM
Energy for Life Connection
507 N Blackman Ave

Limited to 6
RSVP by March 13th to reserve your place!

The North Central Healing Touch 18th regional gathering was a fantastic day of enriching self care.
Recording available at :

Registration for Course 2 May 14-15 early bird pricing ends soon! check it out –


I had the opportunity to speak at the state nurse educators conference at the DECC last week. It was uplifting to see the changes they are trying to incorporate in nursing education to include more holistic and integrative approaches to the students!

I also had the opportunity to be a vendor at both of these conferences- I still have lots of fresh topicals and tinctures for your needs.
Get them now while they are at their peak freshness!


Upcoming Conferences and Classes

Upcoming conferences and classes you don’t want to miss!
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18th Annual North Central Healing Touch Community Gathering
“Building Connections and Resilience through Grounding, Gratitude, & Growth”
March 25-26, 2022

view the event and keynote speaker here-

11th Annual
Midwest Women’s
Herbal Conference
Celebrating Flora, Fauna, and Funga
Featuring Suzanne Simard of Finding the Mother Tree
May 27-29, 2022 • Almond, WI
view the event and the pre conference events here –

Great Lakes Herb Faire
September 9-11,2022 in Chelsea, Michigan!
Planning is still in the works!

Classes at Energy for Life Connection are scheduled
for Spring!
In person classes will be limited to 6 participants.
Virtual options will be available if we are unable to hold the classes in person.
Contact Stacey to register or download brochure from the website

Course 1
Foundations of Healing Touch
April 2-3, 2022

Course 2
Energetic Patterns and Clinical Applications
May 14-15,2022

HERBAL CLASSES continue on the last Tuesday of each month….
Hosted through the whole foods co op.
We are 1/3 of the way done with the 9 class series.
Each class is building on the ones prior. We started at the very beginning with a brief introduction to the practice of western herbalism and are working our way through learning the basics of understanding how to work with herbs in relation to our individual constitutions’ and how to identify common herbs,
Upcoming classes will include the most fun part-
How to make and apply herbal preparations!

Sign up with the coop. previous classes have been recorded and are available on the co op youtube channel.

Winter and Spring Herbals are all stocked up!
I am filling orders daily.
Let me know what you need and I will get it ready for you !

Season’s Greetings from Energy for Life Connection

Wishing you and yours much happiness and wellness this coming season and into the new year!

Energy for Life Connection is here with beautiful herbal allies to support your wellness !
Herbs for every body system – inside and out – to assist you in staying resilient and vital all winter long.

Wonderful gift opportunities for loved ones or your own self care!
Gift packages available or create your own! Head on over to the website for details on all of our lovely options!

Pine and Cedar Salve is just one of the soothing topicals available. Deeply penetrating and diffusive for soft tissues, the essential oil blend is opening and loosening. Use anywhere on the body . Can assist to ease breathing with lung congestion.. decreases stiffness and pain in muscles. I use this on my feet every night!

Schedule a Healing Touch session for yourself or for someone you love. Healing Touch supports every aspect of your being- Mind, Body, Spirit.
In person appointments and virtual or distance sessions area available.
It is truly amazing how tangible the distance experience can be for people!
Purchase before Dec 15th for buy one get one 50% off!
Gift certificates available!

Need some help with manual therapy or body work?
Joseph is seeing people M-W F at the home office space
Providing an integrative approach, tailored to fit your needs to get you empowered, moving, and connected to your body. Personalized exercise/fitness programs, and tips to help you to incorporate exercise principles easily into your daily life.
And lets not forget the amazing bodywork ! Joseph is well known for “the best massage ever!”

We look forward to serving and sharing with you in the year ahead!

Spring 2021 Updates

Things are opening up!
Feel the need for some respite but not ready to travel far or for too long?

We have just the answer!

Enjoy treatments from both Joseph and Stacey
and the benefit of a traditional Finnish sauna!

Book a revitalizing half day for yourself or up to a small group of 4:

Individual $200.00 per person, up to 2
Groups of 3-4 $600.00 total
Contact Stacey directly for setting up your rejuvenating day!

Want a little more?
Want to travel from somewhere else to Duluth?!

Go to and book more than a day for your wellness journey at an affordable rate, close to home, in a sensory satisfying space, that is safely cleaned and sanitized.


Did you know that the community classes hosted by the whole foods co-op are being offered to you for free right now?!
So many great ones to view!

Stacey will be teaching
Tuesday, April 20 6pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday, May 18 6pm – 7:30pm

Joseph will be sharing classes later in the summer – keep checking the co op news for details!
Sign up at


If you want to see Joseph before June – he is booking individual sessions in our home treatment space,
contact him directly through the website or at 218.341.1205

AND ALSO you can now schedule an appointment to see him at the Park Avenue Wellness Studio in Hermantown. Joseph has contracted with them for years, but when he was positioned at Fon du Lac, he was only able to serve people that got care from that clinic. Now you can see him and have an option for your insurance coverage!
Call Park Avenue Therapies. (218) 878-0805.


Our granddaughter Aeowyn created this image for his new logo- look for it around town on the side of his truck! Aeowyn is an amazing artist and does commission work Follow her on Instagram Asora.Arts


Spring growth brings opportunities for free salad! Here is the link to my last summer article with some foraging tips!

Herbal allies at the ready!
Seasonal allergies? Too much yardwork? Natural skin protection for sun and weather? Let me know what you need and I will get it ready for you!

Whether you are picking up herbs to refill your home supply, getting some new herbal allies to keep you well or needing some antiviral, antibacterial and lymphatic support to help with an illness- the herb box is still in the same location at the foot of the ramp! Contact me for all your spring herbal needs!.


Healing Touch Updates

I have been teaching and also have become a member of 2 Healing Touch committees to continue to share the light of this work. Virtual classes and new education opportunities are being developed and are available on line. Contact me directly for more information. Will share more as it becomes available

In the meantime- upcoming in person class

Foundations of Healing Touch- Course 1 May 15-16th
at Energy for Life Connection
Class size is still being limited for safe spacing. Masks required. Register now to hold your space! Download brochure from the website or contact me directly.

NCHT 17th annual conference

“Blooming the Garden in Your Heart”
April 23-24, 2021

go to the NCHT and sign up to receive updates , information and discounts for members!